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15 January 2013

John Cage & the New World Symphony!

Dear all,

4'33" is Cage's most famous and still controversial work.  Composed in 1952 for any instrument (or any combination of instruments), the three-movement score instructs the player NOT to play a sound for the duration of the piece.  The first movement lasts 30'; the second 2'23", and the third 1'40".  The work, commonly referred to as "four thirty-three," consists of only the sounds of the performance environment.

From February 8-10, the New World Symphony will host a spectacular three-day festival dedicated to the music and ideas of John Cage, entitled Making the Right Choices: A John Cage Centennial Celebration.  You are invited to attend, and to add your creative genius to the event!

In addition to three evenings of concerts, NWS will host a video installation entitled NWS: 4'33", created by artist Mikel Rouse, which will consist of contributed video performances.  Record and submit your video, then visit the installation during the festival to see your work in the SunTrust Pavilion.  The selected videos will also be used in an online archive of the event, so your recorded contribution may become part of a lasting tribute to this defining and seminal artist.

Here's how to make and submit your contribution, which must be received by February 1, 2013:

*Create a video recording of your performance.  Adhere to Cage's original timings for each of the work's three movements -- 30", 2'23", and 1'40" -- keeping your performance as close to 4'33" as possible.  Please don't incorporate any sort of verbal introduction (it's not needed here!).

*Upload your video to YouTube.  Many of you will already have your own YouTube Channel, but, if not, here's a link to simple instructions:

How to Upload to YouTube

*Once your video is live on YouTube, go to the NWS: 4'33" YouTube site and click on the "Subscribe" button.  Your video will be screened and added to our Playlist.

*You're done!  Congratulations!

For those of you unfamiliar with (or skittish about) YouTube who would prefer to submit your video in another manner, please contact

Notice: The submission of your video recording constitutes your legal permission to use it, without limitation, public recognition, or financial compensation, if, in fact, it is selected for us in the NWS: 4'33" video installation.  The NWS 4'33" video installation will be presented during the New World Symphony's upcoming festival and as part of an online presentation of the festival that will be developed for future viewing.

Laura Kuhn