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23 August 2017

Untouchable Numbers

Ace Hotel and the John Cage Trust 
Untouchable Numbers

A listening party curated by Mode Records.

Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017

(New York, NY)  Ace Hotel joins forces with the John Cage Trust and Mode Records to celebrate the 105th birthday of the renowned composer, philosopher, and artist John Cage. Starting at 12am on Tuesday, September 5, we'll broadcast Cage's compositions for a twenty-four hour period in Ace Hotel lobbies and public spaces worldwide. From Seattle to Pittsburgh, New Orleans to Los Angeles, and Chicago to London — we invite guests to immerse themselves in a day-long sonic experience.
About Ace Hotel 
Ace Hotel reimagines urban hotels for people who make cities interesting. We crave experience more than hospitality clich├ęs. We are curious about the history and geography of the buildings we inhabit and let these guide us to someplace fresh and familiar. Ace is the low card and the high card. 
And Ace Hotel in New York also has two pretty wonderful restaurants: The Breslin and The John Dory Oyster Bar!

Laura Kuhn